Minor spoilers if you haven’t read the blog’s title, but I’m Michael Tegos and this is my blog. I come from Greece and I’m a lawyer and a freelance writer. I’ve written mostly about technology, film, and videogames in various Greek outlets such as GameOver.gr and T3mag.gr and I was deputy editor at Attica Publications S.A., publisher of PC Magazine, T3 Magazine, and Official PlayStation Magazine Greece from 2010 until the magazines’ closure in June 2012. In December 2012, I helped launch a new Greek website about games, tech, and home entertainment, called TheGang.gr. Sadly, it did not survive the crippling Greek crisis and shut down a year and half later. These days I work as a reporter for TechInAsia.com, covering startups and technology in Singapore and Southeast Asia. You can follow my work here.

So this is where I ramble on about things I like in my own time. If you like anything you read in here, do let me know and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If you see something you hate, again, do tell me. You’ll make me sad, but also a better person in the end. Or I’ll just hit you with a brick. That works too.


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