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Deus Ex: Human Revolution echoes a very real conflict for our rights as users and consumers

There is a moment in Deus Ex: Human Revolution where you as the protagonist, cyborg security officer, international vigilante, and owner of exquisite goatee Adam Jensen, are asked to upgrade your cybernetic limbs by replacing a particular chip.


Destiny is not a game, it’s performance art. And I’m not performing anymore

Originally, I wanted to write about how tired I am of playing Destiny and that I won’t be making the jump to the new DLC (downloadable content, for the acronym averse) that came out last week. But then I saw this. And then I realised, I was never actually playing a game, was I? Instead, I was taking part in perhaps the most elaborate and expensive transmedia performance art project ever created.

Press X To Experiment: Why I think the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare funeral scene is worth saving

It’s November, and if you follow any games writing at all, you’re bound to read something about Call of Duty somewhere. The long-running series’ annual release date pretty much guarantees you’ll hear something about its latest installment, and more likely than not, it will have to do with some shortcoming. As the gaming market’s 800-pound […]

Why do we tap?

I’m not sure how many blocks I’ve broken so far; there used to be a number I could check, that compared my taps to those of my Facebook friends. Sadly, it’s been disabled for a while, presumably due to server woes that 22Cans has had to deal with since Curiosity came out. I have no […]